Cosmetic grade (HZ)
For all kinds of skin cosmetic powder, talcum powder, etc..

Pharmaceutical tablets, pharmaceutical grade three (such as paracetamol caffeine and aspirin three) sugar, prickly heat powder and Chinese medicine agent, food additives, isolating agent etc..

Coating grade (TL)
Used for white body paint and all kinds of water base, oil base, resin industrial paint, primer, paint, etc..

Paper grade (ZZ)
Used for all kinds of paper and cardboard packing, wood asphalt control agent.

Rubber grade (AJ)
For polypropylene, nylon, PVC, polyethylene, polystyrene and polyester plastic packing.

Cable level (DL)
Cable rubber increasing agent, cable isolating agent.

Used in the manufacture of electrical porcelain, wireless electric porcelain, all kinds of industrial ceramics, building ceramics, daily-use ceramics and ceramic enamel etc..

Talcum Pouder
Used for high-grade paint, plastic, cable, rubber, cosmetics, copper, paper coating, textile lubricants, etc..

Ink filler, can play the aging resistance, resistance to exposure, increase adhesion, color clear, bright, non fading effect.

Tire and rubber, insulation rubber, rubber plate, adhesive tape, engineering plastics can enhance the product anti-aging performance and climate resistance, the product is not easy to aging embrittlement, and can significantly improve the surface finish, reduce production cost, as the main filler for powder coating is the primary means of regulating the powder bulk density increased rate of the powder.

Papermaking materials (mainly used in paste products), flame retardant materials, anti X ray materials, battery cathode materials, etc.. Can show a unique performance, is an important component of the relevant materials.

Increase the surface gloss, improve Baidu, improve the smoothness of the paper surface

Obviously improve the bonding strength and mechanical properties of the composite interface, to enhance the toughness and strength.

Increase coating hardness, wear resistance and weather resistance, at the same time can improve the powder coating on the powder rate.

Improve the tensile, tensile, heat resistance, aging resistance, tear resistance and other properties.

In powder coatings, barium sulfate is better than most other fillers, especially in chemical resistance coating the inert insoluble in water, acid, alkali and organic intermediate. Excellent gloss and fineness of the particles, and can increase the surface hardness, color stability.

Excellent hiding power, with the pigment to be able to obtain bright colors, and make the product surface with a perfect color and high gloss, and has good mechanical properties and wear resistance

Can enhance the anti-aging performance and weather resistance of the product, the product is not easy to aging and brittle, and can significantly improve the surface finish and hardness of products

Barium sulfate used in coating can increase the hardness of coating film and resistant model, has the advantages of high whiteness, high contamination, and the proportion of barium sulfate can increase the solid content of coating

Low wear resistance, high gloss and color stability, low cohesion, combined with its easy mobility for high quality printing ink makes barium sulfate, barium sulfate is recommended for hanging light oil.