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Barium sulfate used in coating can increase the hardness of coating film and resistant model, has the advantages of high whiteness, high contamination, and the proportion of barium sulfate can increase the solid content of coating

Ultrafine barium sulfate data parameter

The mons'hardness scale of barium sulfate is 3.5,and specific gravity is 4.3-4.7,it have high specific gravity,low hardness and brittleness. Its chemical properties of stability,Non-toxic,non-magnetic,insoluble in water,acid and alkali resistance.XY rays and gamma rays can be absorbed.

Barium sulfate is used as a filler for coatings, paints, rubber,plastics,thermosetting plastic powder,paper brightener,textile etc.And it is used as a filler in glass production.It has an effect of increasing the glossiness of glass.

Main applications:
Powder of paint:In powder of paint,Barium sulfate as a filler it is better than other filing materials.Especially for the coating of chemical resistance.It is insoluble in water, acid, alkali and organic solvent It has an excellent gloss and high fineness of particle. It makes surface hardness is increased and color stability
Plastics:It has an excellent hiding power,pigment mixture with it can be got bright colors,
It has an outstanding mechanical characteristics and wear resistance
Rubber:Increasing aging resistance and weather resistance,improving the surface finish and hardness.
Paint:In paint ,it has an effect of increase wear reisistance and film hardness.It has a high whiteness and dirt pick up resistance.Increasing coating color solids when the specific gravity of Barium sulfate is higher
lnk:in lnk industry, it has a low abrasiveness,high gloss, color stability and low condensation.
It is suitable used for high quality of print ink

Type PM-228 PM-1250 PM-668 PM-998
D97 μm 13.3 5.1 3.7 3.5
Average particle size μm 4.7 2.5 1.4 1.2
Max particle size μm 14 8 7 7
whiteness % 86-94 86-94 88-94 88-94
proportion g/cm3 4.2-4.4 4.2-4.4 4.2-4.4 4.2-4.4
PH 7±0.5 7±0.5 7±0.5 7±0.5
moisture ≤0.30% ≤0.30% ≤0.30% ≤0.30%
oil absorption value 13~15g/100g 13~15g/100g 13~15g/100g 13~15g/100g
loss on ignition 1.2% 1.2% 1.1% 1.1%
resudue on 325 mesh 0.01% 0 0 0
Iron Content ≤0.03% ≤0.03% ≤0.03% ≤0.03%
BaSO4 Purity ≥96% ≥96% ≥96% ≥96%
weight KG 25 25 25 25


Detection method:

Barium sulfate content determination: the sample and sodium carbonate and potassium carbonate mixture at high temperature melting barium sulfate into barium carbonate, barium carbonate dissolved into barium chloride with hydrochloric acid, and then the barium sulfate gravimetric method.

Determination of PH value: according to GB/T17l7, the static 5min to static 10min.Determination of iron content by GB/T3o49 operation

Whiteness determination: the specimen with a pressure injector made of whiteboard, and magnesium oxide whiteness standard sample made whiteboard comparison, the whiteness meter white Duzhi.

Particle size distribution: the preparation of a dilute suspension, in a series of time intervals measured at the surface of a fixed point of the solid flow, to calculate the true spherical particle diameter.

Determination of oil absorption: the amount of refined flax oil absorbed by the sample under specified conditions.

Determination of water soluble matter: by GB/T521.2 operation