Cosmetic grade (HZ)
For all kinds of skin cosmetic powder, talcum powder, etc..

Pharmaceutical tablets, pharmaceutical grade three (such as paracetamol caffeine and aspirin three) sugar, prickly heat powder and Chinese medicine agent, food additives, isolating agent etc..

Coating grade (TL)
Used for white body paint and all kinds of water base, oil base, resin industrial paint, primer, paint, etc..

Paper grade (ZZ)
Used for all kinds of paper and cardboard packing, wood asphalt control agent.

Rubber grade (AJ)
For polypropylene, nylon, PVC, polyethylene, polystyrene and polyester plastic packing.

Cable level (DL)
Cable rubber increasing agent, cable isolating agent.

Used in the manufacture of electrical porcelain, wireless electric porcelain, all kinds of industrial ceramics, building ceramics, daily-use ceramics and ceramic enamel etc..

Talcum Pouder
Used for high-grade paint, plastic, cable, rubber, cosmetics, copper, paper coating, textile lubricants, etc..